Pacitan Regency regional width is 1389,87 Km, which condition of physical nature is mostly consisted of hilly that is about 85% in form of small mounts.

Pacitan Regency is located in Java Island South Coast and abut on Central Java Province and Yogyakarta special region. It is also the gateway to West Java with physical mountain condition of lengthwise chalk from mount kidul to Trenggalek faced to Indonesian Ocean.

Visit Pacitan's tourism object, such as :

  1. Teleng Ria Beach
  2. Srau Beach
  3. Klayar Beach
  4. Sidomulyo Beach
  5. Gong Cave
  6. Tabuhan Cave
  7. Banyu Anget Pool
  8. Ceprotan Ceremony, etc.

Pacitan Beach's
Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Soge Beach's

Beach Pangasan located in Batulapak Kalipelus Kebonagung, Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.

The attraction of this beach is the presence of Mount Gunung Lanang and Ganjuran beautiful stretch of beach and blue sky.

If viewed from the east Mountain Boys look like a towering rock, on the west side of the beach by locals commonly called Pangasan Beach, a beach with characteristic rocks.

Pidaan Beach Indonesia is located on the Jetak village, Tulakan subdistrict, Pacitan district. Pidaan beach Indonesian has a unique and distinct beauty to the other beaches in Indonesia. there is very little sand because is dominated by natural rock lip along its shores.

There are various forms of rocks that are round, oval, flat and smooth rock suitable for foot therapy. It is formed by the pounding waves that occur every day and formed the rocks at the beach.
Pidaan beach Indonesia is still very natural no human intervention and the surrounding communities as well keep this beach. Also quite beautiful coral reefs and the need for protection because it is possible that many visitors who come to this place can be broken, if there is no warning to guard its shores. You also have to be careful when playing water at the Pidaan beach Indonesia because many sea urchins and the waves are big, the beach is also commonly found sea shells. In many coastal areas around the palm trees and other leafy trees on the beach so the atmosphere is cool and comfortable.

Klayar Beach is resides in Donorojo district, Pacitan Regency. It is about 35 km towards west Pacitan city. It can reach about 60 minutes from the city. Many rockies like spink in Mesir. 
Klayar Beach with its dune has a distinctive feature from another. Its waves dashed against the rock spourting from the hole make sound like a bamboo flute. The springkling of waves rush to beach and out through the hole spurting about 7 meters high and has a sound like blowing bamboo flute.

This white sandy beach has an idiosyncrasy that is the flute sea. It is once in a while whistle among reef gap and blast waved. It has white sand and the water is blue which enjoyable to be visited. Despitefully there is also a real natural water fountain. This water fountain “Air Mancur” happened because the wave pressure the air sea which hit bank hollow rock. Water fountain, which can reach of 10 metre height yield drizzle and seawater dew that believed has special quality as ageless drug.

sumber :

Type : Prehistoric    
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Order : Hesperornithiformes
Family : Hesperornithidae
Genus : Hesperornis
Diet : Carnivore   
Size : Length, up to 5 ft (1.5 m)   
Protection status : Extinct   

The bulk of Hesperornis fossils known are from Canada, a testament to the ancient bird's preference for cooler waters at northern latitudes.    

Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) 
Hesperornis was a large, flightless seabird, up to about five feet tall. Although it was incapable of flight, 

Hesperornis was a swift swimmer that could propel itself through the shallow coastal waters of the Pierre Sea with its powerful hind legs and webbed feet.  It’s webbed feet were similar to a grebe.  It’s jaws were equipped with sharp, pointed teeth adapted for preying on fish and squids.

source : nationalgeographic, wikipedia
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