Our planet is full of wonders

Our planet is full of wonders, filled with beautiful creatures and make your own instincts to survive. How many animals, the ability, skills, and learning and behavior adopted by the people. Animals to be a good complement and work together on a daily Ventures. Recognize the importance of animals with helpful skills and instincts will enable us to be more curious and caring for all creatures valuable for us in this blue planet.

Sheep - If the sheep are threatened, they make a big group and go rub together from predators. Sheep can also remember and recognize the faces other animals such as sheep in the same group or predators they have met. Human face or even their shepherd, the sheep remember and can identify them as well.

Pigeons - sweet being able to recognize this himself in the mirror. They can also remember the many hundreds of photos and images. Pigeons have a memory too large, they can find their way or find the route back home from long distance.

Rats - Rats have a memory too, after they have undergone a trap, they will not get the trap again. In the social life and relationships, stress and mice may even die after their partners died. Such as dogs, rats can be trained to sniff out bombs too and landmines.

Octopus - is considered the smartest of all invertebrates, octopus has the ability to change color in less than a second, they can mimic seaweeds, crabs, coral and other sea. Tentacles they are too useful a tool they can use it to open the bottle.

Squirrels - Squirrels have the ability to keep their house by about identifying things such as trees, bushes or flowers. When the Fall season comes, thousands of Squirrels bury nuts in various places and collect all of that in the Winter. Squirrels can pretend to bury the false mad fool their rivals.

Pig - Pigs are considered one of the animals clean and odorless. Pigs have the emotional, sensitive, traumatic feelings and can easily bore. They are too friendly to humans, and is considered more trainable dog.

Cats - Cats are very trainable animals, they can recognize many households, such as TV or radio. Cats can even check the traffic before crossing the road. Cats are sweet and smart to get people's attention is also like the following, meowing, near the foot rub or sit on the lap. Cats keen to hear their ability to identify the owner of the step and also foreigners

Dogs - which is very trainable and friendly, a dog can understand the command and obedience "s. Dogs that tend to be sensitive animals, they feel jealous and will not forget someone who hurt them in their entire life. Dogs can recognize and remember the man and other animals they have been met, and even they only hear on the radio or seen on TV.

Parrots - In addition to the ability to mimic human words, making sentences and singing, Parrots can remember and understand the meaning of the word, too. When trained properly, they can use Parrots beak as a tool, such as painting. They can measure up to number 6, to identify many objects and simple questions.

Crow - Crow is very creative and animals can be considered the smartest of all birds. Not even trained, Crows use resourcefulness and creativity to make and use tools such as a branch of the food cell. Crow is also on the nuts to treat a cracked car nut, so they can eat the nuts.

Elephants - They have the largest brain of all mammals that live in the world with an average of 11 pounds. Some research shows that on average have Encephalization Elephant Quotient (EQ) of 1.88, compared with the human and chimpanzee 7.69 from 2.45. Elephants are the only animals that have the death ceremony. They are very altruistic and able to recognize themselves in the mirror. They stem length from the useful to take a bath, drink, get food or as a holder for brush painting. Elephants have the ability to mimic the human voice and a few words, and even understand the meaning of words that well trained.

Monkey - naughty animals this sometimes can mimic human behavior without training. Monkeys have selfishness, boastful, proud, and some other feelings as human beings. They interact with a strong relationship, if the two monkeys that fight, one of the family will threaten the other's relatives. Trained well can be as human like monkey drinking from a bottle, or a bicycle ride in the circus.

Whale - This large sea creatures can find relatives in a separate remote nautical miles. They have their own language to communicate and create a sound that has a different meaning, they can sing a song with different tones.

Dolphin - Dolphins are aquatic animals smartest, they can own in recons mirror, too. They are very easy to train and to be able to do different exercises, they can paint, they also use to hold the tooth brush. They use sound to communicate the whistle on the best communication between animals.

Great apes - With 98% the same as the human gene, Chimpanzees from apes is the smartest animal species. They can use tools to paint, make tools to cut stone, such as food and also recognize themselves in the mirror. -They are very trainable, they can be counted, itching, and move up the human scent. Chimp has a language, too!

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