Pacitan BEAUTY

Pacitan Regency regional width is 1389,87 Km, which condition of physical nature is mostly consisted of hilly that is about 85% in form of small mounts.

Pacitan Regency is located in Java Island South Coast and abut on Central Java Province and Yogyakarta special region. It is also the gateway to West Java with physical mountain condition of lengthwise chalk from mount kidul to Trenggalek faced to Indonesian Ocean.

Visit Pacitan's tourism object, such as :

  1. Teleng Ria Beach
  2. Srau Beach
  3. Klayar Beach
  4. Sidomulyo Beach
  5. Gong Cave
  6. Tabuhan Cave
  7. Banyu Anget Pool
  8. Ceprotan Ceremony, etc.

Pacitan Beach's
Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Klayar Beach's

Soge Beach's


  1. Aku sih belum pernah ke Pacitan...

    Asli nya sebagus yg ada di foto ga yah??

    Btw,, lucu juga deh ngebayangin aku mendirikan perkampungan hamster...hihihii...


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