Parrotfish are mostly tropical, perciform marine fish of the family Scaridae. Abundant on shallow reefs of the Red Sea, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, the parrotfish family contains ten genera and about 90 species.

It's hard to decide which of the colorful parrot fish's many unique characteristics is most remarkable.

Did you know? Some male parrot fish maintain harems of females.
If the dominant male dies, one of the females will change gender and color and become the dominant male.

Although they are considered to be herbivores, parrot fish eat a wide variety of organisms, that live on coral reefs. Some species, for example Bolbometopon muricatum may include corals (polyps) in their diet. Their feeding activity is important for the production and distribution of coral sands in the reef biome and can prevent algae from choking coral. The teeth grow continuously, making it hard to curb overgrowth in the aquarium. Ingested during feeding, coral rock is ground up by the pharyngeal teeth. After they digest this it is excreted as sand thus at times creating small islands and the idyllic sandy beaches of the Bahamas and Caribbean. One parrot fish can chew coral into 90 kg of sand each year.

Source : nationalgeographic, Wikipedia


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