Clives / Clove

Clives / Clove

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum, syn. Eugenia aromaticum), in English called cloves, a sprig of dried flowers of the Myrtaceae family tree. Clove is a plant native Indonesia, widely used as a spice in the spicy cuisine European countries, and as the main material Cigarette typical Indonesia. Clove planted mainly in Indonesia (Banda Islands), and Madagascar, are also mushrooming in Zanzibar, India, and Sri Lanka.

Clove tree is an annual plant that can grow to 10-20 m high, has oval-shaped leaves on the flowering shoots-pucuknya. Fruit stalk was originally green, and red if the flowers are bloom. Clove akan harvested if it is reached 1,5-2 cm long.

Plants, this flora is the identity of the Province of North Maluku.

Clove can be used as a flavoring, either in the form of powder or as a whole. This ingredient is used in Europe and Asia. Especially in Indonesia, cloves are used as materials Cigarette. Clove is also used as incense in the People's Republic of China and Japan. Clove oil used in aromatherapy and also to treat toothache.

History Clove
At the fourth century, the leader of China's Han Dynasty ordered everyone to mendekatinya previous menguyah clove, so that harumlah napasnya. Clove, nutmeg and pepper are very expensive in the Roman era. Clove into the exchange switch by Arab nations in the mid-century. At the end of the 15th century, the Portuguese took over the shift in the way of exchange Indian Ocean. In the meantime taken over the clove trade agreements with Tordesillas with Spain, also in addition to the agreement with sultanTernate. The Portuguese brought many clubs that they can obtain from the Maluku islands to Europe. At that time the price of cloves 1 kg is the same as the price of 7 grams of gold.

The clove trade was dominated by the Dutch in the 17th century. With great difficulty the French succeeded Clove cultivate trees in Mauritius in the year 1770. Finally dibudayakan clove in Guyana, Brazil and Zanzibar.

In the 17th century and to the 18-clove prices in the UK with the price of gold because of the high cost of imports.

On the fruit in the womb clove
Essential oil of clove has anestetik function and antimikrobial.
Clove oil is often used to eliminate breath odor and to remove the sick tooth.
Substances contained in the cloves, called eugenol used to calm Dentist dental nerve. Clove oil is also used in the traditional mix.

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