Pidaan Beach - Pacitan tourism

Pidaan Beach Indonesia is located on the Jetak village, Tulakan subdistrict, Pacitan district. Pidaan beach Indonesian has a unique and distinct beauty to the other beaches in Indonesia. there is very little sand because is dominated by natural rock lip along its shores.

There are various forms of rocks that are round, oval, flat and smooth rock suitable for foot therapy. It is formed by the pounding waves that occur every day and formed the rocks at the beach.
Pidaan beach Indonesia is still very natural no human intervention and the surrounding communities as well keep this beach. Also quite beautiful coral reefs and the need for protection because it is possible that many visitors who come to this place can be broken, if there is no warning to guard its shores. You also have to be careful when playing water at the Pidaan beach Indonesia because many sea urchins and the waves are big, the beach is also commonly found sea shells. In many coastal areas around the palm trees and other leafy trees on the beach so the atmosphere is cool and comfortable.